Do you often wonder how it would feel to escape the world and find a wonderfully relaxing sanctuary full of warmth and friendship?

I’m Sitara Devi, your exotic guide  and adventure companion! I am here to hold your hand as you enter into my world…A world rich with amusement and ecstasy that you often dream about. As the premier East Indian Courtesan worldwide, it is my ultimate pleasure to welcome you at the front steps of a paradise that you deeply desire.

Just imagine what it would be like to leave the daily grind of your reality and enter into a world of magic with an enchanting and delightful companion…

Traveling to new destinations locally and internationally is exciting for me. I truly believe that only when you leave the comfort of your own home and press your edges do you expand your mind and evolve your vision of the world. Come with me and enter into a blissful oasis of playfulness and adventure in wild abandon! Allow me to take you there.

What would it be like for you to enjoy this kind of journey with an exotic and alluring woman who is masterful in engaging all of your senses?

While I keep a residence in New York City, I often travel and am available for engagements anywhere within the USA as well as internationally. I am a global companion and luxurious compliment for all of your business, social and entertainment needs. I absolutely adore spending time engaging in conversations about politics, arts, culture and human psychology. If you are a seeker of knowledge and have a constant hunger to learn and grow, then we certainly will have much to talk about.

And later, after we have satiated ourselves on flirty conversation and laughter…

If I have piqued your curiosity,  my website provides you with a great deal of information in regards to my personality, interests, attributes and style in order for you to imagine your needs and desires being met while sharing an adventure with me by your side.

I have included an “Exit” button at the top should you find the need to make a quick escape from my website.

Please take the time to thoroughly read through my website prior to contacting me as it allows us to spend our time together discussing more interesting things.  If after you have read everything you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am selective about whom I see and the cost for my time reflects this. I would enjoy getting to know about you as well, so when you reach out to me please take a moment to tell me a little something about yourself…maybe even a secret.

Until we meet.



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You can expect a timely response from me within 24 hours. Once I have received your form and you have been verified we will set up a time and date for a ten minute call. I will be calling you from a blocked number to say “Hello”. Once we have concluded our conversation I will then send you an invitation to make a deposit towards our date.

Sitara Devi

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