When you think of the perfect woman, what comes to mind?

•  Is she adventurous?
•  Is she fun loving?
•  Is she whip crack smart?
•  Is she an exciting blend of exotic looks and full bodied sensuality?

Then we will be a wonderful match for one another. I am available to be your cherished companion, travel partner and luxury date for any of your business, social and personal needs. We can spend a wonderful time together in the city where I may be located, or I can fly somewhere else in the United States or even internationally to enjoy a delightful encounter with you.

Do you desire for your life to be truly epic and full of joy?

If you appreciate travel, books, talking about art, religion, politics, culture and philosophy then we would certainly revel in each others company.

Do you crave the touch of an erotic temple dancer with the looks and personality of a modern day woman who will captivate your mind, body and soul?

The Kama Sutra comes from my culture and I strive to embody sensuality and beauty in all facets of my life. I am of East Indian heritage and my upbringing has been a mix of being raised both in the United States as well as in India. Words I often hear friends use to describe me include: vibrant, youthful, radiant, bewitching, beguiling and wise beyond my 40-something years of age. My looks are exotic and alluring while my demeanor and intelligence reflects my international upbringing.  I am a strikingly beautiful creature with a petite stature and stand at a height of 5’2 and weigh 110 pounds. The delicious curves of my body are a wonderful result of regular yoga and dance classes. My measurements are 34C-24-35. My skin is a rich caramel shade, my eyes are dark brown and my long luminous hair is worn straight or wavy depending upon my mood.

You prefer the company of an intelligent woman, no need to look further…

I hold two advanced degrees from well reputed Universities and am committed to seeking knowledge and continuously developing myself. I am fluent in English and also speak a few other Indian languages quite well including Hindi.

Do you enjoy quiet time in outdoor settings? Do you equally enjoy time spent wandering around metropolitan cities? I adore nature as much as I adore art galleries, attending interesting lectures and seminars, trying new restaurants and getting dressed up for an exhilarating night out that may include a Broadway show and then dancing. My personal belief is that a high quality life is a balanced life, one where spending time hiking or at the beach is as important as attending social engagements in the city.

What do you do for rest and relaxation? I enjoy spa retreats and simply curling up with a good book and a glass of wine in front of a warm fireplace with someone special by my side.

I once heard a very captivating speaker say:
“Where the worlds deepest hunger meets a person’s deepest joy, that is their calling in life”

The place where I feel most alive in my soul is when I am in service to the planet through my sensuality. I have seen how the soothing touch of a woman can heal the heart of a man and bring immense joy to his life. I have seen a woman in all of her glorious feminine splendour open gateways of heaven for a man who desires a more divine experience with the opposite sex. Partly due to my Indian heritage and partly due to who I am as an erotic female, I feel fortunate that through charm and grace I am able to offer something to people who crave a more human and loving experience where a meeting of bodies and souls come together in harmony. I seek pleasure as if my life depended upon it, for it really does. Life is meant to be lived ecstatically and I would love to share a part of that ecstasy with you.

As a companion I enjoy the company of both quality men and women who are accomplished individuals with kind and generous spirits. I keep an open mind when sharing delightful experiences with new friends.

My wardrobe consists of outfits for most occasions and when we spend time together you are certainly welcome to purchase suitable attire and accessories that you would like to adorn me with for your private viewing pleasure. I am happy to accept gifts from you as I see them as a lovely gesture of our friendship.



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You can expect a timely response from me within 24 hours. Once I have received your form and you have been verified we will set up a time and date for a ten minute call. I will be calling you from a blocked number to say “Hello”. Once we have concluded our conversation I will then send you an invitation to make a deposit towards our date.

Sitara Devi

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